• Plaid Vol 3 No 1 One Day At A Time
    How we think and talk about diabetes is critical to how successful we are with the disease. Content in this issue covers topics that include new ways to share diabetes research, the importance of thinking about diabetes beyond the numbers, how socioeconomics impacts diabetes care, T1D support programs for young adults, parenting with T1D, and the management of depression in adolescents with T2D. This issue’s Moving Forward offers helpful tips on advocating for yourself and working with your healthcare team and insurance provider to get what you need to live well with diabetes.
  • Partner Perspectives Partner Perspectives
    Partners make living with diabetes easier, and this issue of The PLAID Journal is dedicated to the folks that lend their cares to the well-being of people with diabetes. From family, to friends, to colleagues, to our healthcare team, people with diabetes have a network of people to lean on when times get challenging. The articles in this issue highlight the Partner Perspectives, and provide helpful insights, discoveries, and tips for how we can rely on each other to live well with diabetes.
  • The Patient's Perspective The Patient's Perspective
    Living well with diabetes involves a significant number decisions, from day-to-day management of the disease, to choices that are influenced by events outside of our immediate control. Through Audience Perspectives, we visit the true meaning of the word difficult, successes and challenges in diabetes education, and an overview of how the Affordable Care Act is working for people with diabetes. Research and review articles highlight the daily physiological and psychological challenges faced by people living with diabetes and include recommendations for improving patient outcomes. Articles in Moving Forward conclude the issue with a discussion about the importance of understanding the illness experiences of patients living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Engaged and empowered patients, e-patients, have the opportunity to be partners in their care, working with providers and researchers to find better solutions to complex health problems.
  • Pregnancy & Diabetes

    In this issue of The PLAID Journal, we explore the collective topic of pregnancy and diabetes. The perspectives, research, and reviews in this issue take us through the journey of creating and nurturing life, from multiple points of view. This issue is dedicated to the moms, dads, and parents-to-be with diabetes who need to know that they are not alone in this journey. We also share information and tips on preparing for the future, and clarify facts versus fiction in popular understanding of pregnancy and diabetes.

  • Issue 01 Cover Communication & Diabetes

    In this issue of PLAID, we discuss how communication impacts all aspects of living with diabetes. We hear the personal stories and experiences of individuals touched by diabetes. Research articles emphasize the role of communication in addressing and coping with some of the psychosocial and health-related issues faced by those living with diabetes. Lastly, information and tips are provided to help healthcare providers and patients develop meaningful dialogue and get the most out of time spent during office visits.