Leading the Struggle to Thrive

  • Kelly Kunik


The term “non-compliant” can seem like a scarlet letter on a patient’s electronic health record. To so many people living with diabetes, “non-compliant” is seen as a negative word, and has the ability to perpetuate defeatist thoughts and make the daily struggles of life with a chronic illness even more challenging than they are on their own. Finding success with type 1 diabetes requires a balancing act of blood sugars, carbohydrate intake, measured and monitored activity, and knowing your body and its myriad of potential malfunctions extremely well. A better set of words to appreciate the challenges of living with diabetes, and the desire to constantly improve, are “struggle” and “thrive.”

Author Biography

Kelly Kunik

Kelly Kunik has lived with type 1 diabetes since 1977. She aims to bust diabetes myths, perpetuate diabetes realities, and spread diabetes validation through humor, ownership, and advocacy. She accomplishes this by regularly blogging about her experiences on her websites: Diabetesaliciousness and #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes.

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