Day-to-Day Diabetes

  • Renza Scibilia


Living with a condition like diabetes can be all-encompassing. Too easily, we can get lost in the day-to-day practicalities of our diabetes tasks. Our devices need attention, out-of-range glucose levels need to be fixed, medical appointments need to be made and kept, prescriptions need to be filled, and consumables need to be restocked. But I’ve found that remembering that diabetes is only one part of the puzzle that makes me whole, and giving the other pieces attention, leads to me feeling happier, more rounded, and more at peace.

Author Biography

Renza Scibilia

Renza Scibilia has lived with type 1 diabetes since April 1998. She is a well-known patient advocate and peer leader for people with diabetes and promotes a patient-centred approach to healthcare, and in the development of diabetes information, resources and technologies.

Renza works for a national diabetes organisation and is a regular speaker at health conferences in Australia and around the world. She is a well-known member of the diabetes online community. She co-founded the #OzDOC community for Australians with diabetes. Renza is well-versed in social media, its influence on people with chronic health conditions and application in peer support.

She is the creator/author of one of Australias most widely-read patient blogs, Diabetogenic, ( and lives in Melbourne Australia.


Day to Day Diabetes
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