Survival Tools and Adapting to Diabetes

  • Michelle Golladay


When my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of four, I quickly realized there were going to be many variables in managing his diabetes on a daily basis that were completely out of my control, awareness, and sometimes even understanding. Keeping up has not always been easy. As the years go by, the tools that we use to help us manage diabetes continuously change and update. New technologies come to market. New inventions are introduced. New ways of thinking are encouraged as we both grow up with diabetes now.

Author Biography

Michelle Golladay

Michelle Golladay is happily married to her husband, Matt and mother of two sons, Christopher (23) and Mason (12).  Michelle became interested in food and nutrition after Mason’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in 2009.  She now attends Youngstown State University in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics and serves on the Diabetes Parent Advisory Council for Kids at Akron Children’s Hospital.  

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